Sunday, January 10, 2010

Change Is Good

I've noticed that when you start to make major changes in one area of your life, it starts to creep into all areas of your life. At times it's almost hard to keep up with it but it's necessary. At least for me. I believe that if you aren't changing you are just standing still, just existing. I think in order to move ahead in life we need to make changes. It's how we grow. I've been working hard at changing my lifestyle, my surroundings, my business, my state of mind, and I'm trying even harder to surround myself with things that best represent me and what make me happy. Including people. The Pastor at my church always says that if you want to see a glimpse of your future, look around you, because what you surround yourself with will determine where you end up. That's good stuff.

Over the weekend I got rid of some of my office furniture, putting me one step closer to setting up my ideal workspace. I haven't had much of a chance in the last couple of weeks to visit any thrift or antique stores to find a new work surface. I've been looking on Craigslist and have seen some really nice, big, old tables which is what I want for my new work surface, but they go so quickly!! They seem to be a sought after item. I know I'll find the right one soon enough.

Last night I spent far too much time working on my blog. As you can see, I made a few changes, but today I am exhausted. I was up late. I just couldn't stop playing around with the HTML. I never seem to put 'sleep' at the top of my priorities. I should look into that.


  1. The blog looks great and I think your pastor is a genius. My father always told me as a child, to carefully choose my friends because they are a reflection of me and that true friends are rare and few. Makes for a much more fulfilling life. Best wishes.

  2. Thanks Vivianne! It sounds like we both know some very wise men:)

  3. Hey Mandy,

    Been checking up now and then to see how you are doing and I must say, you are doing good. Sticking with your faith will get you thru the toughest of times.

    I ain't much for telling folks what they should or shouldn't do, but since I walked the single parent path for 15 years, I will offer an insight, get your rest! The children will feed off your strength, so having some in reserve will benefit all three of you.

    Still praying for you,



    If you decide to come by and drop off a comment at my site; okay I'm sure you are to classy to do that; please don't let folks know I got a decent side to me, you'll blow my cover. ;-)

  4. Thanks Jaded:) My faith has definitely gotten me through the rough patches, and it continues to do so. Thank you for your prayers. I promise I will get more rest! I know it's necessary. And don't worry, your secret is safe with me ;)



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