Monday, November 7, 2011

Come Here Often?

Oh......hello. Funny seeing you here. More like funny seeing ME here. It still amazes me how life can get so busy and pull me away from things, things I really enjoy doing like coming here and writing and sharing with others. My poor neglected blog. How I've missed you.

Well a lot has been going on around here. A lot of really great things. We've begun to really embrace the homesteading lifestyle and are incorporating more and more of it into our day to day. Several months ago we began learning about canning. After growing some of our own food and preserving things in the dehydrator, I decided to take it a step further and try my hand at other methods of preservation. The only downside to this has been that I didn't grow anything I could water bath can, so I had to get my canning items from the store. Regardless, we now have several jars of apple butter, apple pie filling, peaches and pears. It's been such an amazing journey learning how to make things from scratch and get a slight glimpse of what the pioneers lives would have been like. It's really set things in motion for me to obtain a lot of that lifestyle myself. It's incredibly fulfilling.

During my time away from here I've also been working on several projects, all of which I will share here soon. For now though, I will share a group I started on Facebook called Love:Squared. Quite some time ago I had the idea to make blankets for people in need, but I didn't think I could do it myself because of the amount of time it takes to make just one blanket. So I thought that maybe if I got others to help me it would go much quicker, and would also be a great demonstration of people coming together to help others. The easiest way to piece together a blanket is with knitted or crocheted squares, or granny squares. So I started my Facebook group to encourage people who are interested in helping to whip up a square and send it to me. Once I get enough squares to make a blanket I'll stitch them all together and off it goes to wrap someone up in warmth and love. If any of you are interested in helping me with this project, please check out the group page!

So here is an idea of whats to come on my blog. I'm going to be sharing about my new adventures in couponing, some handmade products I've been working on and the opening of my first Etsy shop (so excited!!!), our journey into homesteading and a self-sufficient lifestyle, projects (for the kids, around the house, and lovely crafty things), more talk on homeschooling and sharing what we're up to, to name a few. I'm very excited for whats to come and to share it with you!

I hope you're having a lovely fall so far ♥

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