Saturday, January 16, 2010

Batteries and a Beautiful Day

Hurray!! I have my camera back! I caved and made a trip to the store last night, just for batteries. Vaeh and Gabe were perfect little angels and the trip was one of peace. It's been raining a lot here lately. A lot. We knew the weather report was calling for some much needed sunshine today, so last night we decided we would go for a morning walk to the man-made lake near our house. Camera in tow, we headed out.

It sure was a beautiful day.

This is the lake just a short walk from our home. I love it here.

The beavers have been busy. They have a home set up in the lake.

Throwing rocks into the lake is always a favorite.

She loves this special place of ours.

So do I.

   Gabe was as happy as can be. He kept posing and saying "Cheeeeettthhhh!"

My sweet, sweet boy.

On our way home we passed through the community garden, and were greeted with little bursts of vibrant shades of pink. It was nice to see such color in winter.

It was the perfect day :)


  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful kids!

    I came over from MBC! I am now following you.

  2. Awesome pics!! The kids are sooo cute!!!



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