Sunday, November 7, 2010

Taking A Moment To Appreciate Something Simple

The kids are now in bed and all that can be heard in the house is the soft sound of worship music playing and a fire crackling away in the fireplace. I was recently told that my gorgeous wood burning fireplace, that I have spent many a night curled up to with a movie, a book or two beautiful children for stories, is being replaced by an electric heater mocking the very idea of a fireplace. Being that I live in a rental, I have no say. I have until January of next year to enjoy what I consider to be a simple luxury. So for now I am spending my evenings in front of it's warmth and looking forward to a gloriously cozy Christmas season of fireside stories, roasted marshmallows, hot cocoa and giggles, toasty toes and heavy eyes that sleepily close content with the warm glowing dance that performs for them.

I hope you have a simple luxury that you can appreciate before it's gone. If only the things we enjoy so much lasted forever.....

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